Monday, November 30, 2015

Tom & Jerry - Hatch Up Your Troubles

A wood pecker runs away while Tom tries to catch it. Jerry saves the Woodpecker by putting a rake in the path of Tom. Tom uses the same rake to catch Jerry. The wood pecker, pecks the wood and Tom falls back, hitting his head on the mailbox. Tom throws the stick towards and the Wood pecker pecks the wood into powder. The wood pecker and Tom run around the tree, Tom stops and the wood pecker ends up in Tom's mouth.

The wood pecker pecks through Tom's stomach. Tom drinks a bucket of water and it leaks through the holes in his belly. Jerry pulls Tom's tail and the wood pecker escapes by pecking at Tom's teeth. Tom looks back at Jerry angrily. Jerry tries to escape but his an axe. When tom is about to hit Jerry, the wood pecker, pecks at Tom's head. Tom puts a cork on the beak of Wood pecker. This way the woodpecker cannot peck Tom. Tom ties the woodpecker to a tree. The woodpecker removes the cork with its feet and pecks the wooden pole, hitting Tom on the head. Jerry and the Woodpecker becomes friend and the Woodpecker Mom comes back to take the Woodpecker. Jerry feels sad, the woodpecker returns and kisses Jerry.

Sunday, November 29, 2015

Tom & Jerry - The Heavenly Puss

Tom is in Heaven and he is told he has only an hour on Earth. Tom hurries to Jerry with a baked Cake and asks for his recommendation on the letter. Jerry sprays Ink on Tom's face and run away. Tom hides behind a chair and fakes the signature. He hears a voice from the Sky saying No No No.

Tom offers Jerry a slice of cheese if he signs the letter. Jerry tears the letter and Tom grabs Jerry in anger. The devil appears behind Tom and encourage him to hurt Jerry. Tom says No and starts kissing Jerry on the head. Tom returns to Jerry with a taped letter and begs him to sign the letter. Jerry signs the letter and Tom takes the letter to the escalator to Heaven. The escalator disappears and a hole opens from the bottom and Tom falls in.

It appeared that Tom was having a nightmare and he wakes up. He gives a sign of relief.

Friday, November 27, 2015

Tom & Jerry - The Cat and Mermouse

Tom is underwater and looking at seahorse passing by. He notice Jerry as a mermouse swimming with them. He tries to catch Jerry but Jerry swims away. Jerry grabs the hook and hands it over to Tom. Tom is pulled out of the sea by the hook. Jerry tries to run away and Tom comes swimming back. Jerry hides in a sunken ship and Tom hits his head on the Window. An anchor also comes down on Tom's head. Jerry escapes and while swimming hits a sword fish. The sword fish becomes angry and tries to hit Jerry. Jerry escapes and comes face to face with Tom. Tom tries to hit him with a shovel but instead hits the sword fish. He damages the sword like nose of the fish. The swordfish becomes angry, Tom straightens the nose with a shovel.

Tom runs away and hides in a barrel. Jerry takes advantage of the situation and draws a red circle on the hole of the barrel. The swordfish hits through the hole and Tom comes out screaming. Tom stands behind a pole, the fish hits the pole and Tom hammers his nose on the side. Tom takes a sign of relief He now looks for Jerry. Jerry hides inside a divers head helmet while a sleeping octopus looks at them. Jerry tip toes from the door of the helmet while Tom watches. Tom catches Jerry while Octopus catches Tom. Jerry comes back for Tom's help.

All the time, Tom was dreaming and when wakes up, he becomes friends with Jerry.

Thursday, November 26, 2015

Tom & Jerry - Tennis Chumps

Tom and his friend are playing tennis. The balls hits through the racket and hits Tom in the head. Jerry starts laughing looking at this. Tom delivers balls closely missing Jerry. One of the balls hits Jerry and swallows it. He tries to run away but Tom uses him as a ball and makes a delivery. Jerry escapes afterwards.

Tom throws his racket to Jerry but ends up hitting his friend. Tom's friend makes a delivery with Jerry. Jerry hits the net and the ball comes out of him. Jerry tip toes on the net. Tom and his friend tries to hit Jerry. Jerry crawls on top of Tom's friend and Tom hits him to get Jerry. The racket tears through his friends neck with Tom's friend ending on the ground. Jerry tries to escape. Tom's friend makes a delivery to hit Jerry but Jerry returns by hitting the ball. At the end, the jumps high and Tom and his friend runs towards the ball to hit it. They end crashing into each other.

Jerry runs away and turns on the ball throwing machine. The balls hit Tom and his friend, throwing them into a tree. At the end, Jerry is showing Winning the World Championship.

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Tom & Jerry - Love that Pup

Jerry is resting next to a Pup. Tom tries to grab Jerry but instead takes the Pup and run away. Tom realizes what he has done while Spike tries to find the Pup. Tom immediately comes in place of Pup so Spike will not find out. Jerry puts the Pup's house on Tom tail and Tom scream while waking Spike. Pup comes and Tom tries to imitate the Pup.

Tom bites Spikes nose and run away. Tom puts a steak on Laundry string, to lure in Spike. Jerry sees that and immediately jumps. Jerry tries to wake up Spike but Spike continues sleep walking. Tom locks Spike in a tool shed. He starts chasing Jerry. Jerry enters through a hole in barrel. Tom thinking that he has caught Jerry, corks in the hole. Jerry escapes from the side and puts the Pup inside the barrel instead.

Spike breaks free and see Tom angrily. He says, if he find Pup under the barrel, he will make him sorry and he finds the Pup under it. 

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Tom & Jerry - Jerry's Diary

Tom is waiting outside Jerry's home with flowers and a pie. When he didn't come outside, Tom peaks through a air vent inside. He sees Jerry's home and his diary on the table, next to a lamp. He takes out his diary and starts reading a page.

April 5. He reads about when Tom used Jerry as a Golf Ball Divot. He swings and looks where the ball went. Jerry whistles and Tom turn around to see Jerry with the ball on the Golf Club. Tom takes the ball and rinses Jerry in Ball Cleaner. He again swings the club and the ball hits a rock and come swinging back to Tom's teeth.

May 12. Tom opens a book, in front of Jerry's home. He starts laughing. Jerry peaks through his door and sneak out to see why Tom is laughing. Tom takes the book and sits with his back towards Jerry. He starts laughing again and Jerry tries to understand why he is laughing. Tom closes the book, with Jerry inside. He puts his paw inside and grab Jerry. Jerry also close his paw and show as he is looking for something inside. When Tom looks again, Jerry punches him in the eye.

After reading this, Tom becomes angry and throws away the bouquet of flowers.

June 3. Tom is chasing Jerry. Jerry jumps off the iron board with Tom doing the same. Jerry falls into a sink full of water but once he is outside he pulls out the Water Stopper, draining all the water. Tom falls and hits his head on the dirty dishes. Jerry jumps on the Window sill and runaway while removing the wooden stopper. It closes on Tom's neck with Tom screaming.

Tom becomes very angry and leaves.

Monday, November 23, 2015

Tom & Jerry - Little Quaker

Jerry is with a duckling while Tom is chasing them with a Cleaver. He attacks them, they duck and instead he hit the pillar, bring down the roof on him. Jerry and the duckling escape. Jerry hide in a mouse hole while duckling run away. When the duckling see Jerry in trouble, she returns for help and axe the tree on top of Tom's head. It falls, hammering Tom into the ground.

Jerry and the duckling are in the bushes. The duckling is calling for her mom. Tom gets a rifle and hides behind a shade. He blows a duck whistle, mimicking a ducks call. The duckling runs toward the sound of the whistle, calling ' I am coming Mama'. Jerry realizes its a trick and stops the duckling. He sneaks near Tom and replaces his whistle with a dynamite. It blows in Tom's face.

Jerry takes the duckling and hides in a tree trunk. Tom puts the rifle inside the tree trunk, while comes out from the hole, to Tom's behind. Jerry and the duckling run away. They hide in a tire. Tom hits it with a mallet but it repels back to him. Tom falls down.

Tom takes a grass roller and runs after them. While the mama duck is calling for her duckling. She see Jerry and Duckling running in front of her with Tom behind with a Grass Roller. He rolls over the Mama duck. The Duckling is happy to find her mama. Tom comes and snatches the duckling. The Mama duck snatches back. The duckling tells the whole story to her mama.

She calls for the Alpha duck. She tells him about Tom hitting the duckling. Tom runs away and hit a tree. The Duck rolls him over with a Grass Roller. In the end, the Mama Duck is swimming with the duckling and Jerry behind them in a lifeboat.

Tom & Jerry - Beauty Competition

Jerry offers Tom to prepare Tim for the beauty competition. While helping Jerry, make things worse than better. At the end calling him ' Greatest Work of Art'

Tom and Jerry - New Dog House

Spike is building a new dream house for himself. Jerry comes running out of door, with tom coming breaking through the door. They go through smashing, spike's dog house, tom returns to take a piece of plank from the dog house.

Jerry crawls to Spikes head and Tom hits him ending with destroying the house. Tom tries to run away but Spike catch him with his foot. He tells Tom if anything happens again to his house, it will not be good for him and throws him.

Tom hides behind a wall and when he see Jerry is coming, he tries to grab him. Jerry digs under Spike's house with Tom running behind him. They come out from the other side, where Spike is hammering the roof. When Tom comes out, Spike is sitting on his shoulder, he hammers him. Tom starts walking backward and Spike falls on the house, smashing it. Tom runs away. Spike is very angry.

Spike again re-builds his house. He paints it smilingly. Tom & Jerry comes from around the corner, Jerry pushes roller skates towards him. Tom goes skating towards Spikes house and pushes it out of the way. Spike unknowningly paints his tail. When Spike realizes, Tom goes to his house and warns him that he will Axe his house. He hits Spike on the head and run away. Spike falls and destroys the house.

Again Tom and Jerry are running and Tom takes a roller and tries to flatter Jerry. Meanwhile, Spike is sleeping, he is awaken by the sound. He tries to stop him but Tom runs him over.

Jerry goes in his home and Tom puts a dynamite there. Jerry grabs it and throws it away. It falls and goes inside Spikes home. Tom tries to get it out but Spike see him. Tom acts innocent. Spikes enter to see inside and the dynamite explodes. 

Jerry is on top of the electric pole and Tom axe it. It falls towards Spike home and Spike take it & runs away. It smashes Spike home. This time, he fixes his home on top of a tree. Tom comes and axe that tree also. The tree falls and his house is destroyed again.

Spike re-builds his home. While he is sleeping inside, Jerry is laying down on top of the house. Tom watches through a hole and throws a lasso to catch Jerry. He pulls happily, Jerry pulls back the rope and Tom falls. Meanwhile, Jerry puts the rope around Spike's house. Tom pulls, smashes the house against the wall and pulls again throwing Spike on to the wall.

Spike is very angry. He catches tom by the tail and Jerry and Spikes watches while Tom builds the house for both of them.