Monday, November 23, 2015

Tom and Jerry - New Dog House

Spike is building a new dream house for himself. Jerry comes running out of door, with tom coming breaking through the door. They go through smashing, spike's dog house, tom returns to take a piece of plank from the dog house.

Jerry crawls to Spikes head and Tom hits him ending with destroying the house. Tom tries to run away but Spike catch him with his foot. He tells Tom if anything happens again to his house, it will not be good for him and throws him.

Tom hides behind a wall and when he see Jerry is coming, he tries to grab him. Jerry digs under Spike's house with Tom running behind him. They come out from the other side, where Spike is hammering the roof. When Tom comes out, Spike is sitting on his shoulder, he hammers him. Tom starts walking backward and Spike falls on the house, smashing it. Tom runs away. Spike is very angry.

Spike again re-builds his house. He paints it smilingly. Tom & Jerry comes from around the corner, Jerry pushes roller skates towards him. Tom goes skating towards Spikes house and pushes it out of the way. Spike unknowningly paints his tail. When Spike realizes, Tom goes to his house and warns him that he will Axe his house. He hits Spike on the head and run away. Spike falls and destroys the house.

Again Tom and Jerry are running and Tom takes a roller and tries to flatter Jerry. Meanwhile, Spike is sleeping, he is awaken by the sound. He tries to stop him but Tom runs him over.

Jerry goes in his home and Tom puts a dynamite there. Jerry grabs it and throws it away. It falls and goes inside Spikes home. Tom tries to get it out but Spike see him. Tom acts innocent. Spikes enter to see inside and the dynamite explodes. 

Jerry is on top of the electric pole and Tom axe it. It falls towards Spike home and Spike take it & runs away. It smashes Spike home. This time, he fixes his home on top of a tree. Tom comes and axe that tree also. The tree falls and his house is destroyed again.

Spike re-builds his home. While he is sleeping inside, Jerry is laying down on top of the house. Tom watches through a hole and throws a lasso to catch Jerry. He pulls happily, Jerry pulls back the rope and Tom falls. Meanwhile, Jerry puts the rope around Spike's house. Tom pulls, smashes the house against the wall and pulls again throwing Spike on to the wall.

Spike is very angry. He catches tom by the tail and Jerry and Spikes watches while Tom builds the house for both of them.

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