Monday, November 30, 2015

Tom & Jerry - Hatch Up Your Troubles

A wood pecker runs away while Tom tries to catch it. Jerry saves the Woodpecker by putting a rake in the path of Tom. Tom uses the same rake to catch Jerry. The wood pecker, pecks the wood and Tom falls back, hitting his head on the mailbox. Tom throws the stick towards and the Wood pecker pecks the wood into powder. The wood pecker and Tom run around the tree, Tom stops and the wood pecker ends up in Tom's mouth.

The wood pecker pecks through Tom's stomach. Tom drinks a bucket of water and it leaks through the holes in his belly. Jerry pulls Tom's tail and the wood pecker escapes by pecking at Tom's teeth. Tom looks back at Jerry angrily. Jerry tries to escape but his an axe. When tom is about to hit Jerry, the wood pecker, pecks at Tom's head. Tom puts a cork on the beak of Wood pecker. This way the woodpecker cannot peck Tom. Tom ties the woodpecker to a tree. The woodpecker removes the cork with its feet and pecks the wooden pole, hitting Tom on the head. Jerry and the Woodpecker becomes friend and the Woodpecker Mom comes back to take the Woodpecker. Jerry feels sad, the woodpecker returns and kisses Jerry.

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