Sunday, November 29, 2015

Tom & Jerry - The Heavenly Puss

Tom is in Heaven and he is told he has only an hour on Earth. Tom hurries to Jerry with a baked Cake and asks for his recommendation on the letter. Jerry sprays Ink on Tom's face and run away. Tom hides behind a chair and fakes the signature. He hears a voice from the Sky saying No No No.

Tom offers Jerry a slice of cheese if he signs the letter. Jerry tears the letter and Tom grabs Jerry in anger. The devil appears behind Tom and encourage him to hurt Jerry. Tom says No and starts kissing Jerry on the head. Tom returns to Jerry with a taped letter and begs him to sign the letter. Jerry signs the letter and Tom takes the letter to the escalator to Heaven. The escalator disappears and a hole opens from the bottom and Tom falls in.

It appeared that Tom was having a nightmare and he wakes up. He gives a sign of relief.

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