Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Tom & Jerry - Jerry's Diary

Tom is waiting outside Jerry's home with flowers and a pie. When he didn't come outside, Tom peaks through a air vent inside. He sees Jerry's home and his diary on the table, next to a lamp. He takes out his diary and starts reading a page.

April 5. He reads about when Tom used Jerry as a Golf Ball Divot. He swings and looks where the ball went. Jerry whistles and Tom turn around to see Jerry with the ball on the Golf Club. Tom takes the ball and rinses Jerry in Ball Cleaner. He again swings the club and the ball hits a rock and come swinging back to Tom's teeth.

May 12. Tom opens a book, in front of Jerry's home. He starts laughing. Jerry peaks through his door and sneak out to see why Tom is laughing. Tom takes the book and sits with his back towards Jerry. He starts laughing again and Jerry tries to understand why he is laughing. Tom closes the book, with Jerry inside. He puts his paw inside and grab Jerry. Jerry also close his paw and show as he is looking for something inside. When Tom looks again, Jerry punches him in the eye.

After reading this, Tom becomes angry and throws away the bouquet of flowers.

June 3. Tom is chasing Jerry. Jerry jumps off the iron board with Tom doing the same. Jerry falls into a sink full of water but once he is outside he pulls out the Water Stopper, draining all the water. Tom falls and hits his head on the dirty dishes. Jerry jumps on the Window sill and runaway while removing the wooden stopper. It closes on Tom's neck with Tom screaming.

Tom becomes very angry and leaves.

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