Monday, November 23, 2015

Tom & Jerry - Little Quaker

Jerry is with a duckling while Tom is chasing them with a Cleaver. He attacks them, they duck and instead he hit the pillar, bring down the roof on him. Jerry and the duckling escape. Jerry hide in a mouse hole while duckling run away. When the duckling see Jerry in trouble, she returns for help and axe the tree on top of Tom's head. It falls, hammering Tom into the ground.

Jerry and the duckling are in the bushes. The duckling is calling for her mom. Tom gets a rifle and hides behind a shade. He blows a duck whistle, mimicking a ducks call. The duckling runs toward the sound of the whistle, calling ' I am coming Mama'. Jerry realizes its a trick and stops the duckling. He sneaks near Tom and replaces his whistle with a dynamite. It blows in Tom's face.

Jerry takes the duckling and hides in a tree trunk. Tom puts the rifle inside the tree trunk, while comes out from the hole, to Tom's behind. Jerry and the duckling run away. They hide in a tire. Tom hits it with a mallet but it repels back to him. Tom falls down.

Tom takes a grass roller and runs after them. While the mama duck is calling for her duckling. She see Jerry and Duckling running in front of her with Tom behind with a Grass Roller. He rolls over the Mama duck. The Duckling is happy to find her mama. Tom comes and snatches the duckling. The Mama duck snatches back. The duckling tells the whole story to her mama.

She calls for the Alpha duck. She tells him about Tom hitting the duckling. Tom runs away and hit a tree. The Duck rolls him over with a Grass Roller. In the end, the Mama Duck is swimming with the duckling and Jerry behind them in a lifeboat.

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