Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Tom & Jerry - Love that Pup

Jerry is resting next to a Pup. Tom tries to grab Jerry but instead takes the Pup and run away. Tom realizes what he has done while Spike tries to find the Pup. Tom immediately comes in place of Pup so Spike will not find out. Jerry puts the Pup's house on Tom tail and Tom scream while waking Spike. Pup comes and Tom tries to imitate the Pup.

Tom bites Spikes nose and run away. Tom puts a steak on Laundry string, to lure in Spike. Jerry sees that and immediately jumps. Jerry tries to wake up Spike but Spike continues sleep walking. Tom locks Spike in a tool shed. He starts chasing Jerry. Jerry enters through a hole in barrel. Tom thinking that he has caught Jerry, corks in the hole. Jerry escapes from the side and puts the Pup inside the barrel instead.

Spike breaks free and see Tom angrily. He says, if he find Pup under the barrel, he will make him sorry and he finds the Pup under it. 

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