Thursday, November 26, 2015

Tom & Jerry - Tennis Chumps

Tom and his friend are playing tennis. The balls hits through the racket and hits Tom in the head. Jerry starts laughing looking at this. Tom delivers balls closely missing Jerry. One of the balls hits Jerry and swallows it. He tries to run away but Tom uses him as a ball and makes a delivery. Jerry escapes afterwards.

Tom throws his racket to Jerry but ends up hitting his friend. Tom's friend makes a delivery with Jerry. Jerry hits the net and the ball comes out of him. Jerry tip toes on the net. Tom and his friend tries to hit Jerry. Jerry crawls on top of Tom's friend and Tom hits him to get Jerry. The racket tears through his friends neck with Tom's friend ending on the ground. Jerry tries to escape. Tom's friend makes a delivery to hit Jerry but Jerry returns by hitting the ball. At the end, the jumps high and Tom and his friend runs towards the ball to hit it. They end crashing into each other.

Jerry runs away and turns on the ball throwing machine. The balls hit Tom and his friend, throwing them into a tree. At the end, Jerry is showing Winning the World Championship.

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