Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Tom & Jerry - The Invisible Mouse

Jerry has painted himself in Invisible ink. He sneaks near Tom and puts a matchstick in Toms finger and light it up. Tom is asleep and feels sweaty, he realizes his foot is burning and puts his foot in a fish bowl. The piano starts playing and Tom feels afraid. The piano table closes on top of Tom. Tom sees a banana getting peeled and eaten. Tom makes out Jerry's shadow and hits him with a book. Jerry takes an apple and hides under a fridge. Tom spreads flour on floor and when Jerry comes out, Tom sees Jerry's foot steps. Tom tries to hit Jerry with a frying pan but Jerry escapes. Finally Tom grabs Jerry but Jerry escapes. Tom takes a curtain and puts it over Jerry. Jerry escapes and hits Tom with a Golf club. Jerry escapes and go near Spike. Jerry hits him with the Golf club and leaves the club in Tom's hand. Spike comes and hits Tom. 

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