Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Tom & Jerry - The Little Orphan

Jerry and his junior Jerry are talking a walk across the table while eating food. Tom comes wearing an Indian fur hat. He puts his finger on the junior and he stops. He points his tiny gun at Tom while Tom gives a devilish smile. Jerry open the wine by pulling the cap thread and the cork hits Tom in the head. Tom runs towards Jerry, catch him in his paw and try to stab him. Junior takes a fork and hits Tom in the back. Tom throws the fork towards Junior and it nails his napkin on the table. Tom catch Junior in his hand and Jerry comes to rescue with a serving spoon. He hits Tom in the head and Tom goes flying towards the wall.

Tom crawls under the table and arrows them with a burning asian sweet flag plant. They hide in a tent shaped napkin and a butter, On the next arrow, Jerry removes a dish cover and sends the arrow back to Tom's mouth. Jerry and the Junior tries to escape away and Tom throws a knife their way. Jerry hits the knife's side and falls down. Tom catches Jerry. Junior throws a pie towards Tom, it hits Tom and Tom falls down. Junior throws a burning candle and it falls on Tom's tail. Junior sends a rocketing bottle of wine towards Tom and Tom hits the Kitchen cabinet, breaking all the dishes. Tom surrenders. Tom, Jerry and the Junior are shown enjoying the dinner together. 

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