Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Tom & Jerry - Mouse Cleaning

Tom is trying his best to catch the falling eggs. Suddenly a pie lands on his head. Jerry comes in through the door with welcoming a cow. Tom carries the cow and throw it out of the door. Tom takes a sign of relief. Jerry enters again through an electric outlet, labelled as 'Emergency Entrance' while takes a nap on the carpet.

Jerry stamps the bottom of Tom's paw with ink. He then comes infront of tom and closes the Stamp pad on his nose. Jerry escapes with Tom behind his. Tom unknowingly leaves a trail of blue ink paws all over the room. Jerry stops and points it to Tom. Tom is shocked and throws Jerry out through the laundry chute. Tom hurriedly cleans the floor and the walls.

Jerry notices a truck unloading coal through the window in the basement. Meanwhile, Tom sees the house lady coming through the window and hides all the cleaning tools and sits innocently on the sofa. Jerry pulls the unloading tray to the living room window and it ends up piling up on the floor. As the house lady opens the door, she is thrown out with a flood of coal. Tom runs away with the house lady throwing coal at her.

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