Thursday, December 3, 2015

Tom & Jerry - Saturday Evening Puss

Tom and his friends are making sounds all over the house. Jerry angrily stops all of them one by one and hides in this home. Tom replay the record and himself and his friends sneak behind a drawer. Jerry comes out again and disconnects the power. Jerry tries to run away and one his friend, hits him with a trash can cover. Jerry is then chased by Tom and his friends. Jerry run away while closing the upper half of the door. Jerry hides behind a curtain and takes off the trash cover and hit one of Tom's friend.

Jerry tries to run away and is stuck between window blinds. Tom ties Jerry with a rope and they go back to playing noise. Jerry jumps on to a table and calls the house lady. The house lady comes running home and catch Tom red handed. Tom and his friends are thrown out of the door. The house lady replays the record and Jerry feels a headache. 

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