Tom & Jerry - Kitty Foiled

Jerry is wearing an Indian dress and Tom is chasing him. A baby bird is in the bag and her head hits the sofa bottom. Jerry sees and runs away in a bear skin, Tom follows. When Tom from the other side, the birdy close the bear found, making Tom scream. The birdie flies on top of the desk and grabs a gun. Tom is afraid and when the gun falls from birdie hands, Tom returns it back. Jerry takes the advantage of the situation and smashes a bulb next to Tom. Tom thinks that a shot is fired and grabs his heart. Tom falls down and faints. Jerry and the birdie celebrate. Tom peaks though one eye and understands that he has been tricked. Jerry and the birdie tries to escapes, while Jerry hits the sofa foot and falls. Tom grabs Jerry and toes his to a toy railway track with Tom running the engine. The birdies flies with a bowling ball bag and drops just before Jerry, sending Tom and the Train engine to the basement and thus saves Jerry.

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